query SELECT a.*,(a.hanbai-(a.down_oroshi+a.down_tesuu)) as nebiki,b.name1 as bname,c.name as kname,d.name as cname,b.pref,b.img1,f.name as city_name FROM dogs_table as a join breeder_table as b on a.bid=b.pid join dogs_kind as c on a.kid=c.pid left join dogs_color as d on a.cid=d.pid left join mother_table as e on a.mid = e.pid join breeder_area as f on b.city=f.pid WHERE a.status between 2 and 4 AND b.status between 1 and 2 AND a.hanbai > 0 ORDER BY a.born DESC,a.pid DESC OFFSET -18 LIMIT 20
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